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Baked fresh from scratch

Our cupcakes are freshly baked every morning from scratch.

Using high quality ingredients, From chocolate to fruits, we strive to ensure that each bite of every cupcake bursts with flavor! therefore the flavor of our cupcakes is unbeatable.

House-made frostings and fillings

We make the frosting and any fillings right here in our little cupcake bakery.
Nothing is boxed or frozen. Our cupckes are baked in small batches using real ingredients, featuring a variety of mouth watering flavors.
You can be assured your order will always be a batch fresh from the oven for you.

  • Occasions Catering

    Are you tired of typical catered meals? Looking for something a little different than the others? Is your occason in an area that has a limited amount of caterers with a few caterers offering the same options? Try our catering service now for you ocaasion.


    Let us help you choose the perfect fresh, artisan cupcakes and cake for your big day. Cupcakes that make your dessert as magical as the day itself.


    Make your drive-by birthday party or any celebration more memorable with our made-from-scratch, all-natural ingredient cupcakes!


    They did it, and they deserve the best! Our team is committed to make your graduation party memorables.

    Baby Showers

    We also provide Baby shower catering ideas based on the theme of your party. Our objective is to not only make your guests feel satisfied and happy but also have beautiful memories.

  • Pizza & Cupcake Party

    Kids love to top their own pizzas and decorate their own cupcakes!


    Our cupcakes can be customized to your branding colors or specific themes. Just tell us how you would like it to be.

    Business Occasion

    With our business occasion Catering, you have a trusted gourmet caterer creating a cupcake menu specifically for your guests. We provide a wide variety of choices for your event.


    With KISSES Rewards, every celebration = even more wins. Rack up points for every Pound spent, so you can treat yourself to more irresistible goodies.

    Events Catering

    Let C'est Muah cater your next event! Choose from one of our pre-designed catering Cupcake menus or let us customize the perfect package for your special event to treat you and your guests to some unforgettable cupcakes

  • Dine-In


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    Customer Reviews

    Come and see what our clients are saying about our products.

    Rana Farid

    Simply best redvelevt Cupcake EVER!

    Mohammed Allam

    decent portions for the price, also just love the vibes.

    anonymous user

    خدمة عملاء لطيفة ومتعاونة واهتمام واضح بجودة المنتجات والطعم رائع جدااا❤️👍

    Ahmed Mokhtar

    good experience specially when it comes to taste and the overall cozy atmosphere.

    Abdullah Samy

    couldn’t recommend the delivery service more!

    Layla Ahmed

    my friend recommended this service, ordered the gf box for my son's bday, realy saved the day.

    عايدة شريف

    الكب كيك لذيذة و اختيارات مختلفه جدا والمعاملة كويسة وتجربة اكيد هتتكرر قريب:)

    Hashim Saber

    Excellent quality and taste for all products, the chocolate cupcakes was exceptional, loved it❤️

    Hiba Wa7eed

    أفضل خدمة عملاء والاوردر وصل فمعادة

    Yusef Hafeez

    Beautifully made, would definitely recommend to my friends and family.

    اسراء يوسف

    realy loved having so many vegan options to choose from, can't wait to try'em all😋💕

    Nader Farha

    Great range, fab product, reasonable price, good portions and great customer service.

    Ibrahim Khalil

    100% recommended, especially the german chocolate cupcake.

    Munir Siddiqui

    i ordered the birthday cupcake box for my party and the whole thing was beyond professional 5/5.

    Usama Magdy

    loved to see some gluten-free options, always nice to feel included💓

    salma yousif

    طلبنا كيك العيدميلاد وكانت تجربة حلوه جدا من اول خدمة العملا للديلفري والكيك كان فريش وجميل

    مؤمن أمير

    احلى كب كيك فالدنيا

    Zayed Hakeem

    my favorite one so far is the mocha cupcake, haven't got the chance to try any of the gourmet ones yet.

    Ghadeer Arafa

    حبيت جدا الاختيارات النباتية وعايزة اجربهم كلهم 😂❤️

    Mohamad Mada

    This is a hidden gem! glad we find this awsome service.

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